The best advice we can give you in setting up your own Threads of Compassion group is to keep everything as simple as possible. Start out by talking to your local rape crisis center and see if they would be willing to accept the scarves to hand out to recent victims.
Once an agency has agreed to accept and give out the scarves you begin to get the word out in your area by starting a blog, handing out cards or brochures, and start making and collecting scarves. Talk to local church groups, knitting groups, book clubs, etc.
You might also want to talk to the rape crisis center and see if they would like to start a knitting group for survivors to make scarves together. I made brochures that I hand out at different events, both knitting and sexual assault awareness events. Getting started may take a while to hear back so don’t get discouraged. We just made the scarves ourselves at first and waited, slowly they started to trickle in. Now they come regularly.
When we receive the scarves, we wrap each one up into a bundle with a ribbon, and attach one of our cards to the scarf with the ribbon. The cards are the size of a credit card, and have a picture on one side and a quote similar to this on the other: “From someone who understands the pain you are facing, and who wants you to know you are not alone. Each stitch was knitted for you as a sign of comfort and support.”  We also have our website address listed underneath this. 
Then we place each scarf in a plastic bag so they don’t get dusty while they are waiting to be handed out. We also include a brochure that explains the idea behind the scarves, basically the same information that is on the Q & A page. We slip this brochure in each bag. Once we have around 12 or so, we bring them over to the rape crisis center.
There is no minimum amount of scarves to make per month. As you get them, bring them in. Some weeks we have a lot. Some weeks we have a none.
Good luck with your group. Feel free to let us know if you need any more help. Let us know once you get it off the ground, so we can refer others from your area to your group.
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