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Thank you for your interest in Threads of Compassion. We have moved and are now part of the Sexual Trauma Awareness and Recovery Services (STARS) Program at Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4).

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Threads of Compassion is a group of people looking to offer comfort and support to survivors of sexual assault or abuse.

Anyone whose life has been affected by sexual assault or abuse is welcome to knit or crochet a scarf for Threads of Compassion, to be given anonymously to a survivor of sexual violence.

While the majority of scarves are created by survivors, friends or family of survivors, anyone who wishes to take a stand against sexual violence may participate as well. Each scarf is a gesture of love, comfort and support to those suffering through the unspeakable pain of
sexual assault or abuse.

We wish to break through the silence and shame that surround rape and sexual abuse and let survivors know that they don’t have to bear this pain alone.

Your new scarf serves as a tangible reminder that you are not alone. Each stitch was made with care, concern and thought for you. Scarves can be worn, touched and held. They are a symbol of warmth, support and understanding that you can wrap yourself in. But they are also a private form of support. To others the scarf may merely be an article of clothing. But its true meaning is something reserved only for you.

As a token of compassion and understanding, these hand-made scarves represent the support that is available, and that you are not alone.

One aspect of Threads of Compassion that we never planned on, but has been pivotal, is the impact that knitting scarves has on survivors who make scarves for other survivors. So many have written thanking us for giving them the outlet to reach out and offer support to other survivors.



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